Cocoon Gift Boxes offers elegantly presented gift boxes containing ethically and sustainably made products that are also luxurious, thoughtful gifts that reflect current trends and lifestyle aspirations and that are a reflection of our client’s own discerning taste and style.

Cocoon Gift Boxes fulfils the wants and needs of people who are time poor and those that feel daunted or overwhelmed with the prospect of choosing a suitable and stylish gift from the myriad of options available. Maybe they wish to send a gift to acknowledge a job well done, or thank a friend or work colleague, show appreciation to their loved ones, celebrate a life milestone or the birth of a baby, congratulate an achievement, send a gesture of sympathy to a sick person, celebrate a birthday or just to bring someone joy. Our clients have no desire or time to trawl through the internet or do the rounds of the shops. They want to choose a gift in comfort, in a time that suits them. They want to choose a gift that has been thoughtfully curated, a gift that is beautifully presented, delivered and paid for with the minimum of fuss.

Our wish is to curate a range of elegant gift boxes designed for those who appreciate quality and who understand the passion and the time that it takes to search and select memorable, unique and sustainable products. As much as possible we try to source and promote local and Australian made products, although should we find products from elsewhere that are unique and desirable we will also include them in our gift boxes.

We share in our client’s desire to show appreciation and thanks with great style and to just bring happiness to others through the giving of a beautiful Cocoon Gift Box.


Much thought and research went into the design of the Cocoon Gift Boxes. Ultimately a matte black/brown box with soft magnetic closure and a wide grosgrain bow was chosen. The company name on the gift box was kept deliberately understated and printed in a subtle copper foil. The gift box opens to reveal the contents tucked away in an envelope of beautiful copper tissue wrap and cushioned in 100% recycled black shredded paper. We wanted to achieve an elegant and timeless look with the gift boxes in order to enhance the recipients joy as they began their journey of discovery upon opening their gift box to discover the carefully curated gifts held within.

These gift boxes are designed to reflect your good taste and your desire to bring joy and the implied compliment you pay to the recipient that you know that they will also recognise those qualities.

These boxes can be retained to be re-cycled for storage of treasured mementoes, documents, clothing or really any purpose you wish.

Our hope is to make the whole gift giving ritual a memorable and joyful occasion.

A postcard printed with the Cocoon Gift Box ethos is also included.

A greeting card with a personal message from the sender to the recipient can be included. These cards can be chosen from our range of greeting cards or we can add a complimentary Cocoon gift card. We will hand write your message on the card for you so that the recipient will know the gift is from you. Required accurate details must be written in the note box on the check out page.